Fun?  Not always!  Things happen in life and we have to deal with it!  Take control, make quick decisions, fall apart, pull yourself together, and then realize it is another day.

The latest happenings in the family:  1)  a heart attack and balancing other organ functions  2)  a heart attack and cardiac arrest.  Yes, each person is recovering.  We are trying to be positive in each aspect.

Life can change in one split second…or be gone.  Thankfully, normalcy is slowly returning in our household.  At least, what I have gotten use to calling “normal”.  We continue to find happiness in life’s adventures, no matter how fleeting and small they may sometimes seem.

With all that has happened, we are staying close to home.  Energy levels are a little low, yet the need to share is still there.  Mother loves to send cards.  🙂  We were both happy when we found these in a stash from the past.  The ones shown are a few we have posted recently.

Do you find happiness and fun in the small things?  Share it!