We are still searching through random vintage treasures of the past.  My family has tolerated a hallway of totes for too long.  There are four left.  Yes, I am making some progress!

I had been setting a limit of pulling out 4 items each day.  We would discuss what to do with each item and act upon that decision.  End result, nothing out to stumble over or move.  Unfortunately, the items we decided to list in our Etsy shop are multiplying too quickly.  The room I now call my office is becoming a jumbled mess.  This is something I definitely need to work on…BUT…looking in these totes of vintage treasures is so much more fun!

One of the random items we found was a box of poly-resin coasters and holder with a colorful cluster of cherries design.  The cork bottoms are in very good condition which surprised me.  One coaster does have a minute chip on the edge.  Otherwise, these look unused.  This style adds an extra touch to the actual usability of these decorative pieces.  They were manufactured by KCM in China.  They are gorgeous!!


(listed at TavinsChoice.etsy.com)

Next, an inspiring little book, “A Bowl Of Cherries…looking at life through homespun homilies“, a collection of maxims and proverbs.  A wise and slightly funny look at life, example, “Loving ties dissolve many a knotty problem.”  This book was written by Norene Firth.  The quaint, cross-stitched illustrations are by Donna Giampa, designed by Bonnie Weber, and the calligraphy by Maurianna Nolan.  Copyright 1980, The C.R. Gibson Company, Norwalk, Connecticut.  The adorable hardback cover and pages are in very good condition, the binding stitches are slightly loose, and the dust jacket is damaged.  Overall, this is a delight-full book.  One could read, reread, or use as décor.


(will be listed at TavinsChoice.etsy.com)

We found random packages of unopened cross stitch fabric.  The ivory fabric is Hardanger 22 count, measures 12″ x 18″, and made by Charles Craft, Inc.  The other two packages are white Aida Cloth 14 count, each measures 12″ x 18″, and I do not know who made these.  All three pieces of fabric are 100% cotton.


(will be listed at TavinsChoice.etsy.com)

Lastly, a cute little metal rocking chair pin cushion.  This was given to Mother by her late sister.  It makes me smile at the fond memories of her visiting when I was a child.  This was actually a souvenir picked up on one of my aunt’s many trips she enjoyed.  It is about 4 3/4″ in height and held a picture which has been removed.  Also, the pin cushion is not the original.  Mother must have used this a lot when sewing her quilts.


(will be displayed in my Etsy shop office awaiting a makeover)

I hope you have enjoyed these bits of random vintage!

Until next time…

What bits of random vintage are you planning to give a makeover?