Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it!!  Sending cards and giving gifts are many people’s way of showing their affection and love to others.  This tradition goes back hundreds of years.  I read that the oldest valentine known to exist is a poem that was written in 1415.  It is part of a collection in England.  602 years old!  That is amazing!

I do not think most people actually realize how much a short, simple heart-felt note can mean to someone.  Mother has cards and letters she received from Father 61 years ago.  Occasionally, she will get them out and read them.  I know those words that were written so long ago means more to her than I could possibly imagine.

I am not saying that everything that is given will be treasured in such a way, but you never know the impact a small act of love and affection could have in someone’s life today, or even in the future.

I am surely not the best with giving and I always blame that on a busy schedule.  This year I hope the few ideas I came up with will bring a smile to the people I hold so dear.

For a special little girl that we adore, Mother and I chose a “Bear Hugs and Kisses” valentine card.  It is sweetly embellished with a pink ribbon and silver glitter.  Mother and I picked out a very cute little silver chain with a purple heart pendant.  “Hugs” is printed on one side of the heart and on the other side, “What Ever”.  We believe this is a good choice for her.  🙂  We will add heart and flower stickers to the envelope before posting.  Happy Valentine’s Day wishes sent by USPS.


For a very loved little boy, we picked out cute cards that suit his personality.  He will be celebrating his birthday the day before Valentine’s.  We will add small gifts and brighten up the envelopes with stickers and tape.  Even though we can’t be part of his special days, festive wishes will be sent his way!!


The gifts for my precious Mother were a delight to choose!  The beautiful card has lace trim and a small envelope with a flower attached.  The verse is perfect!  The envelope is lined inside.  A gift certificate to her favorite restaurant will be enclosed.  I like the little card with the quote.  She will enjoy that.  The wooden heart is such an amazing work of art.  I purchased it from DecoupageMezzanine.  Olena’s items are very high quality.  Even knowing this, I am always surprised at how much I love each item I have ordered from her Etsy shop.  The girl with curly hair reminds me of Mother’s childhood pictures.  It says  “Moments in Time”.  That made me realize that sometimes all we have are precious memories…of moments in time.


Also, for Mother, a red heart-shaped box of candy, a pink box of chocolate covered cherries, which she loves, and a walking stick…not a cane!  😉  Hopefully, she will use it this summer as she enjoys her walks.  She is very loved and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show her just how much!

As for my husband, well, he may decide to read this post… :0

How will you be showing love and affection on February 14th?  Do you create and share?