My husband and I had personal business to take care of in West Harrison, IN, which is approximately 138 miles away.  Mother decided to join us and we made this business trip into an adventure.  We enjoyed the sights in each town we passed through.

After spending several hours conducting business, our stomachs were rumbling.  We were hoping to enjoy a home-cooked meal at a local restaurant.  We ended up stopping at Perkins Family Restaurant & Bakery located in Fairfield, OH.  Classic burgers and fries for us, while Mother chose a turkey with dressing dinner.  We were definitely stuffed by the time my husband paid the check.

After over-indulging ourselves, Mother and I talked Patient Husband into browsing around Cincinnati, OH.  We did not have anything in particular we were looking for.  As we enjoyed looking around, I was the only one who found anything.  With a bit of excitement and a smile on my face, I made my purchases.


This ironstone creamer has Harmony House Federalist stamped on the bottom in green.  It will be added to my extremely small and personal collection of white pottery.



This adorable little decorative plate has no manufacturer’s marks.  It is hand-painted and in perfect condition.  I fell in love with those big-eyed children.  I am not sure where it will end up, but with Mother’s help, I am hoping to find the perfect place to display it.

We arrived home late and exhausted, but with a couple souvenirs to remember this day.

Enjoy the small, “random adventures” of everyday life!!!