Yesterday…the snow was falling, creating a soft, white blanket, covering the ground.  Mother decided, on this cold wintry day, to work on a project she had planned for a while.  She had been collecting unfinished birdhouses to paint.  Today was the day she felt creative!  After much digging through the storage closet, we found all the supplies she needed.

We pulled the library table out from the wall.  She proceeded to place all the birdhouses, paints, and brushes on the table.  She was not concerned that Grandfather had given her this cherished table as a gift sixty-three years ago.  Her focus was on creating.

She sat patiently, with her eighty year old hands shaking and painstakingly painted all the birdhouses vibrant colors.  They turned out beautifully!  And to my surprise, the black and white one is ours to keep!  Now, what she has in mind for the others, I am not sure.  I do know she chose each color she used very carefully.  🙂


Time with Mother is always time well spent!  Thank you Mother for the beautiful gift!