I have an appreciation for vintage.  Most things made in yesteryear persevere the test of time extremely well.  This affords future generations the pleasure of its beauty and quality.  This intrigues my mind.  I was once told that I have an old soul…maybe that is why I have such a deep appreciation for things of a different era.

In December of 2016, I made the decision to join Etsy, opening a shop, TavinsChoice.  This is a new adventure for me as well as my family.  They have great patience as I travel this road to learn about and share an eclectic mix of vintage.

I will be posting at ‘random’ about ‘random vintage’ pieces I happen upon.  Hopefully, I will have a bit of information and a decent picture of each item I share.

If this piques your interest, please follow on this venture of Random Vintage, and enjoy each new discovery along with me.  Any comments are welcome.  Please feel free to send messages.  I love chatting with others who share my interest.

Until next time…